Community Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion at PCOM

Students at PCOM’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Moultrie, Georgia campuses participate in community outreach, diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives. These activities are supported by staff at the college’s locations.

In addition, students at the Philadelphia campus have access to a large student activities center with exercise equipment and classes.

Student-Led Clubs

A variety of student-led clubs and organizations provide students with the opportunity to participate in mentoring programs, community outreach and other meaningful activities that contribute to the college’s mission of developing leaders who serve the health needs of underserved communities. The Student Organizations Council made up of students from all programs keeps the clubs on track and provides them with funding and mentorship.

The Student-Run Clinic, a group that helps underserved community members with healthcare needs, recently expanded to its third site at St. Barnabas Mission Emergency Homeless Shelter, as well as at Families Forward Philadelphia. In addition to providing care to homeless women, the group holds educational sessions at each of its sites to teach residents about wellness topics, such as nutrition, meditation and exercise.

The group, Brothers in Medicine, aims to bridge the gap between medical professionals and black community members by hosting health screenings at local churches, schools and civic events. Students volunteer at Truth’s Community Clinic in Lawrenceville and help physicians and healthcare professionals take vital signs, draw blood and conduct patient physical exams on 20-30 patients each day.

Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP)

HPREP aims to recruit and inspire high school students to pursue a career in science, medicine or another health profession. Throughout the program, participants interact with medical students, faculty and healthcare professionals while learning about different careers, anatomy and physical exam skills.

In her role as a leader in the program, first-year medical student Raheem Bell draws upon his own experiences growing up in Jamaica to inspire younger students to pursue their dreams. He specializes in helping those from underrepresented backgrounds and encourages them to find their own path to becoming a physician.

A graduate certificate program that allows a student to strengthen their academic record and reserve a seat in the following year’s Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) class. This program is offered at all KPCOM campuses and is open to anyone who meets the admissions criteria. Applicants can also apply to this program in tandem with the Master of Biomedical Sciences Program. Applicants who complete the program will receive guaranteed interviews at VCOM for both programs.

Community Wellness Initiative (CWI)

The Community Wellness Initiative (CWI) enhances the College’s culture of holistic health and wellness on its Philadelphia and Suwanee campuses, as well as in the communities it serves. The initiative promotes cross-campus collaboration in educational and health services programming and resources that support the physical, mental, nutritional and environmental wellness of the communities it serves.

In Philadelphia, a student from PCOM Hearts conducted blood pressure screenings and provided geriatric education for residents of Park Tower Apartments. The LMSA chapter in West Philadelphia provides monthly food distributions at the Cambria Healthcare Center and Lancaster Avenue Division.

In this episode of PCOM Perspectives, Melody Yazdani (DPT ’22) and Prachi Patel (DO ’24) discuss why they continue to volunteer despite their busy schedules. The pair also discusses their upcoming community service trip to Moultrie, Georgia. The trip will involve a collaboration with county Extension agents to provide community-specific health education and services. The team will also conduct a community wellness fair.

Diversity and Community Relations

At PCOM, diversity is a core value and is evident in our students, faculty and staff. The College has several initiatives to enhance and support a diverse environment.

The Office of Diversity and Community Relations regularly hosts online presentations, lectures and discussions on the complexity of topics relating to race, equality, social justice and similar subjects. These events are open to students, faculty and staff.

PCOM has earned the 2023 Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, the oldest and largest diversity-focused publication in higher education. The HEED award is a national recognition for institutions of higher learning that are leaders in advancing diversity, inclusion and equity.

Each year, PCOM South Georgia opens its Cambria Division Healthcare Center for area high school students to meet osteopathic medical students and learn about careers in the healthcare field. Students along with faculty members volunteer at the event to provide health screenings such as blood pressure and distribute food.

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